Autozentrum Nord GmbH / Liebigstraße 10 / 24941 Flensburg
Audi Zentrum Flensburg Vertriebs GmbH / Liebigstraße 8 / 24941 Flensburg


We can upgrade your vehicle to meet your wishes, so that your new car is perfectly trimmed to your personal requirements. We advise you and offer you the best service, high-grade products and professional installation of such devices as:

  • Navigation devices
  • Wheels/tyres
  • Telephones
  • Music systems
  • Towing hooks


Maintenance and Service

Regular professional maintenance not only increases the life of your vehicle – it also preserves its value, so that you can enjoy your car for a long time to come. Our specialist garage does all the maintenance work you need.

Experience Flensburg

Experience this delightful city on the Flensburg Fjord with its merchants’ yards in the historic old town. You will find many interesting tips on the tourist information website at

Whether you want to do some shopping, have a guided tour, enjoy some culinary experiences or cultural offerings – here you’ll find something for every taste!